A tall, rangy mouse with wheat-colored fur and an ash-grey cloak. His expression is one of mingled sadness and determination.


|Nature (Mouse) | 1/4| 1P|
|Will | 5| 1F, 1P|
|Health | 4| 2F, 1P|
|Resources | 5| 1F, 1P|
|Circles | 3|1P|

|Fighter|3| |
|Pathfinder|2| 1F|
|Scout|4| 2P, 1F|
|Survivalist|3| |
|Weather Watcher|2| |
|Persuader|4| 1P, 1F|
|Cartographer|2| |
|Loremouse|2| |
|Mason|2| |
|Trail-wise|3| |
|Townmouse-wise|2| |
|Mouse Guard-wise|2| |

|Open-minded|1| +1D/session ||
|Tall|1| Used up! |√√|
|Curious|1| Used up! |√√|








Fate: -

Persona: -


“What I do is more important than who I am.”


Always ask just one more question.


Obtain a public confession from Glynn and Briallyn regarding the disappearances in Windselm.


Flask, pack, ink, paper, knife,


Ealdwyn is 35, and has been a trusted guardmouse for many years. Originally hailing from the town of Shaleburrow, where his parents1 were scriveners and cartographers for the community, Ealdwyn’s prodigal stature and relentless nosiness caught the attention of a Guard recruiter, who saw him to Lockhaven where he was apprenticed to Brecht the Mapmaker. He went on to serve under Patrol Leader Kane, who has since retired to Port Sumac. Despite his peregrinations, Ealdwyn still maintains ties to his hometown, in the form of regular letters to his parents and his old friend Ciardan the Brewer, who owns the “Burnt Barleycorn” tavern in Shaleburrow.

Ealdwyn only considered leaving the Guard once, when he became romantically involved with a fellow guardmouse named Laurel. The two planned to marry and retire together, and for Laurel’s sake he left late on a patrol so the two could spend time planning their future. Upon leaving, he discovered that the potter’s shop in a tiny settlement he’d intended to visit had burned the day before. It was a disaster, leaving the settlement essentially destitute at the onset of Fall – forcing the potter to choose between his life and his livelihood. Ealdwyn became convinced that had he been there on schedule, the disaster would have been averted. Secretly, he gave all his saved pay (plus a great deal of borrowed wealth) to the potter – all of which had been intended to establish his and Laurel’s life together. They had an angry falling-out over the matter, and Ealdwyn was saddled with debt for some time after. Since then, his dedication to the Guard has been unswerving: his motto is “What I do is more important than who I am.”

1 Stanhew and Illana.


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