Windselm is a settlement new enough that it’s not featured on most maps. Located west of Elmwood near the coast, it was formed in 1151 by a smith, a baker, and a miller on the premise that mice living in a community should have equal say over the business of that community, and only those mice should have a say. The town is populated by a number of enterprising tradesmice who have relocated to Windselm, drawn by that promise.


Windselm is situated in the branches of a trio of red elm trees. Counter-weighted lifts allow quick entry to the town. If the lifts should fail, a winding path also leads down from the town into the lower branches to a steep stair carved in one of the trees’ trunk.




Windselm was founded on the principle that all its residents should decide amongst themselves the laws of the town. Weekly town meetings are called in a town hall carved into a hollowed-out bough, where anymouse can take the floor and bring some matter to the town’s attention.

Major Trades

Carpentry, woodworking, and weaving are the primary trades, although a mouse of nearly any trade could be found here.


Windselm imports metal and glass. It exports wood, clothing, and finished products.


In the Service of the Guard Odie